Large pendant in 18k gold with coral design

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Pendant in 18k gold with coral design, large size
  • 18k gold
  • pendant diameter 2.0 cm

The Coral has been inspiring artists since the Minoan times and is known for its healing properties and for its use as a protective and good luck amulet.Corals have existed in the Mediterranean for over 7000 years. In the depths of the Greek Seas lie the oldest, most complex and productive marine ecosystems: Coralligenous Habitats. They are some of the least protected habitats and their survival today is at great risk.With our 2022 good luck pendant we wish to support the ARCHIPELAGOS Institute of Marine Conservation in their work to protect the biodiversity of the NE Mediterranean and to halt the ongoing destruction of Coralligenous Habitats. For more information and to directly help the work of ARCHIPELAGOS please go to

All creations are handmade at the LALAoUNIS atelier in Athens, Greece and require an average of 2-4 weeks lead time unless otherwise specified. Please note that there may be minor differences between same style pieces. Prices can vary depending on particular sizes and materials requested.

Large pendant in 18k gold with coral design

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